3 Ways to Create Videos from Web Browser

There are many video editors in the mobile world, for Windows, for Mac… but web browsers can also run such apps, and in this list I will show you.

In general, we can’t expect the power of a professional video editor using a web browser, but in most cases, we don’t need that much power, we just want to do some basic editing. , add audio, format and export.

Flexclip: This is one of my favorites. This allows us to use templates and edit the video by cutting at the right moments to add extra animation. It’s not very powerful when it comes to handling the audio of the video, which is why I always end up doing the edits outside, boldly, to import it later into Flexclip and continue work. I use it for tiktok videos and reels as well as for more complex subjects, such as a YouTube tutorial for example.

I wish it had the ability to remove background noise from audio and record directly from the mic, but hey, once in a while.

– Vidds: A new option (they launched the second version today) which focuses on simplicity. They feature brand kits for similar styles between videos, music and the ability to add multiple audio tracks, scene transitions and animations, video sharing to let others review your work, keyboard shortcuts , scene-by-scene video editing without the need for a timeline, template library, automatic video resizing, stock images, videos and music, and a free option with a limited space of 250MB in your cloud.


– Canva: Yes, canva also allows you to make videos, being ideal if it is a sequence of images, since Canva is precisely specialized in this, in the creation of banners with pre-designed elements. The video is created quickly and we can select the number of “slides” that will be part of it. Anything that can be done in Canva can also be done with Flexclip, but otherwise the rule doesn’t apply.


There are only three options among the many that exist on the web: a very powerful and specialized one, a new one focused on social networks and another classic one that recently added video. As more innovative options come out, I’ll feature them as bonus features in this article.

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