9 web design trends to watch in 2022

Are you a web designer looking for inspiration in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This dynamic infographic has surfaced on the internet and is full of web design trends we’re likely to see in 2022.

Red Website Design has created an infographic (see below) of the nine trends that are expected to become popular. This handy chart provides an overview of each trend, detailing why it might be popular and how to incorporate it into your web designs. Ready to design your website, but don’t want to use code? Check out our roundup of the best website builders to get started.

Simply click on the photo above to enlarge the infographic (Image credit: Red Website Design)

the infographics was inspired by List of 99Designs web design trends. Over the past few years, the vintage aesthetic has taken over the design world, so it’s no surprise to see the “retro revolution” make it onto this trending list. 99Designs explains that “the 2020s were once seen as the future of design and technology. We are now turning our backs on the refined minimalism of the present and looking to the past for inspiration.”

One trend we didn’t expect to feature in the range was the “moving type”, where designers animate the text on their website. We’ve seen a lot of UI elements and graphics with animations on websites, but not a lot of moving text before. We can’t wait to see how creatives incorporate this trend into their designs.

Equipped with this list and our own roundup of web design trends for 2022, you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful and engaging website that stands out from the competition. Before you dive into your own designs, we recommend checking out our list of the best web design tools and web design courses.

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