Access webpages on your PS4

Did you just buy a PS4? Do you want to know if it has a web browser and use it? Like the Xbox One, the PS4 is also a gaming console. The Xbox One comes with a built-in web browser called Microsoft Edge (the same browser that came with Windows 10 on PC). The PS4 is made by Sony, so you might think it wouldn’t have a web browser.

Sony included a the Web boyfriendwser on PS4

If you ever thought that Sony didn’t make a browser for PS4, you were wrong! The PS4 comes with a really basic but ready-to-use web browser.

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Let’s browse the web using the PS4 web browser

To open the PS4 web browser, start your PS4. Go to its home screen and find the web browser icon. If not, go to your app library. Once you have highlighted the web browser icon, simply press the “O” button to launch it. Once the browser is open, you can access any web page on the Internet. Just type in the URL, press “R2” and the browser will take you there.

Q: I want to play videos on various web pages using the PS4’s built-in web browser. Can it handle videos well?

The web browser included in the PS4 handles videos on different websites quite well.

Q: I want to free up space by deleting the web browser on PS4. How can I do this?

If you want to delete your browser, unfortunately you cannot. The browser is integrated into the system software of your PS4. The web browser on PS4 is like the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10 PC or Microsoft Edge on an Xbox One. You just can’t delete it.

I want to get to my most visited websites faster and not waste time. What about bookmarks?

The built-in PS4 web browser has you covered!

If you want to access your websites immediately, you can use the ‘Bookmarks’ feature (make sure your browser is up to date to ensure this feature works properly). You won’t have to type the URL every time to access your website. You will need to create and save your web pages in the bookmarks section for quick access. Learn how to save a bookmark on the PS4 web browser below.

Save a bookmark

Saving a bookmark is pretty straightforward. Go to your browser. After launching, you need to put your url in the url bar. Press the Options button on your controller. From the list that appears, find and select “Add Bookmark.” That’s why I said saving bookmarks was a piece of cake. If you want to remember it, you can give your bookmarked website a unique name.

Head to a bookmarked website

You can easily access your bookmarked website, but first; you need to determine where your bookmarks are saved. To find a bookmarked website, you need to press the Options button while you are in your browser. Go to bookmarks and select the website you want to go to and press “O”.

do not forget to read this manual, designed by Sony, to use the web browser on PS4!

PS4 web browser
Image Credit: Sony

Delete a bookmark on the PS4 web browser

Now, if you accidentally bookmark it, it will take up space on your console’s hard drive (even if it’s only a few megabytes). To remove a bookmark, launch the browser app, then press the Options button on your controller when you are on the home page. Select this bookmarked page and head to its option. Select Delete and press “O”. Choose from the list, the websites you want to get rid of, among your favorites.

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There will be another Delete option in the lower right corner of your screen and you need to select it one last time. In the next step, choose “OK” and your favorites will be deleted.

Clear searches

Clearing the browsing history on the PS4 web browser is quite simple. After launching the web browser, access additional options by pressing the Options button on your controller. You will see a “Browsing History” option, highlight it and press the Options button again. There you will see a “Clear browsing history” tab. Press “OK” to clear your history.

Clear cookies on the PS4 web browser

You must have seen the usual “This site uses cookies…” notification when visiting various websites using your PS4 web browser. You may have thought that this was probably a bogus advertisement in the form of a cookie notification. For those who do not know exactly what cookies are, they are the stored fragments of a user’s data to improve their browsing experience. They can be stolen by any hacker or sometimes, large companies (maybe even Sony) because they are your personal data. To prevent cookies from being stolen, simply delete them. To delete cookies, launch your browser, go to the Options section then Cookie deletion settings. Go by selecting “Delete cookies” then choose “OK”. You can also prevent your browser from saving cookies. To do this, launch the browser and from the cookies section, uncheck the “Allow cookies” box.

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