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Adobe provides Photoshop and Illustrator as web applications. Executable cross-platform web applications currently still have beta software status. But it shouldn’t end there.

Photoshop and Illustrator are coming to the web. Industry leader Adobe announced Tuesday evening at its internal Adobe MAX conference. This is the result of a year of cooperation with Google. Photoshop image editing program is now available to Creative Cloud subscribers, Illustrator vector graphics software is still in closed beta at this time. Interested parties can request an invitation for this.

Simple operations can be performed directly in the browser, such as the quick selection tool

Simple operations can be performed directly in the browser, such as the quick selection tool

(Image: Jan Antonin Kolar,

The first step in Photoshop is to view Photoshop Cloud documents (* .psdc) from Creative Cloud, comment on them, and be able to make minor edits. To do this, users need Creative Cloud Open, select a cloud document, and then select the “Open in Photoshop on Web Beta” button. Among other things, the Quick Selection Tool, Brush Tool, Eraser, or Fill Tool are supported. However, this range of functions should not remain, other functions are planned.

Service technicians, web components, and web assemblies drive web applications

Unlike native Photoshop, you don’t have to download several hundred megabytes, but only around 20MB. Source files are cached offline with the help of a service technician, so only 150 kilo- approximately bytes should be transferred when called again.

Define Web Components applications developed with Lit for their user interface: Adobe provides Spectrum with its own design system based on Web Components. Additionally, Adobe uses WebAssembly, a bytecode for the web. Unlike JavaScript, WebAssembly does not need to be parsed and interpreted first, but can be run directly in the browser’s virtual machine. Adobe uses this approach to import code written in C ++ onto the web. The Fugu project is also in the game: with the File System Access API, users can still open and edit images from their own computer.

Along with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, other productivity apps are joining the ever-growing circle of cross-platform browser apps. Just a few days ago, Microsoft released its Visual Studio Code editor as a web application.

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