Azuro Digital Slams Web Design Agencies That “Handcuff” Their Clients

Why the customer should have full ownership of their website

Daniel Houle, the founder of Azuro Digital, recently drew attention to the unfortunate fact that many web design agencies lock their clients into their services.

In most of these cases, the customer is completely unaware of what he is getting into. They don’t read the fine print.

Here is what Daniel had to say about it:

“When hiring a web design agency, be sure to read the contract carefully and ask the right questions. It is important to confirm that the client will have full ownership and control of the website. Many web design agencies will take full ownership of the website to the point where the client cannot switch agencies or waive their monthly hosting and maintenance fees without deleting the entire website. Not only that, but many web design agencies do not allow their clients to modify their own website. This allows them to charge a fortune for every little modification until the customer’s pockets are empty. Read the fine print!”

The idea of ​​investing a large sum of money in a website and not owning or controlling it is undeniably horrifying.

This unethical business practice is more common than one would hope, which is why some web design agencies like Azuro Digital speak out to shame their competitors.

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