Bluefy is a Bluetooth web browser for iOS. Announcement of updates by PNN Soft

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Bluefy is a Bluetooth web browser that provides easy and fast smartphone connection directly from web pages with nearby Bluetooth devices.

KIEV, UKRAINE, Jan. 21, 2022 / — Bluefy is a Bluetooth mobile web browser for iOS 11.0+ suitable for iPhone and iPad. The application allows to customize the Bluetooth device to the needs of the users. Develop Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and mimic native app capabilities, such as standalone operation, notifications, and other features. Developers are constantly updating the app to make it more efficient and stabilize the connection.

The app is free and contains no in-app advertising. Users can create web solutions that will work on all iOS devices. To implement the functionality of the Bluetooth web browser, you need to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and device, open the web API page suitable for the device, establish a connection and you can start creating individual web solutions. Make sure the page has an HTTPS connection.

Bluefy is a tool for communicating with simple IoT devices, without using native apps for connecting with BLE devices. Depending on the device, the user can configure the notification system, device operating time, backlight, sound signals, etc.

Bluefy as a browser is easy to use. The developers have announced app updates. Thus, there will be a download manager, a playlist, bookmarks with the possibility of saving by folder and several other additional features. Bluefy will soon offer the possibility to work in full screen mode. This solution is for those who widely use Bluetooth web solutions and create a PWA or demo. The new mode with the ability to hide the application logo provides users with additional workspace.

Bluefy Bluetooth web browser is localized in 14 languages ​​and gained more than 25,000 users in one year and continues to grow. App understands English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Finnish and Croatian . The developers continue to expand the list of localizations. For more details, visit App Store – Bluefy.

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