Bricsys 24/7 Announces Integration with Web Application Platform

A global provider of design and collaboration solutions, Bricsys announced its partnership with the Cooperlink CONNECT web application platform

Following integration with the web application platform, Bricsys 24/7 users will be able to automatically upload, save and archive documents in real time from Microsoft SharePoint to Bricsys 24/7, reducing the time spent saving files manually and re-encode them. metadata.

Integration enables 100% digitized and automated coordination of information

This includes the filing and exchange of documents up to the validation of the technical data sheets.

Integration with web application platform is ideal for users working on large construction projects, from design to handover of as-built files, the business-oriented platform enables better collaboration between contractors , owners, architects and engineering teams with uniform data accessible in one central place.

This eliminates the risk of project fragmentation, miscommunication, and costly, time-consuming errors.

The integration will guide users through their digital transformation journey

Real-time validation tracks changes to work-in-progress data. Full transparency across teams allows users to spot any issues when manipulating data on disconnected systems during early development cycles, from SharePoint to Bricsys 24/7.

The integration also supports API updates, file synchronization, and ensures predictive pricing.

Rahul Kejriwal, CEO of Bricsys, commented: “The two software complement each other perfectly. Cooperlink CONNECT enables real-time two-way integration between Bricsys® 24/7 and Microsoft SharePoint (and OneDrive) or a file server.

“Through synergies and a significant expansion of know-how, we can offer our customers a broader knowledge management solution and guide our users on their digital transformation journeys.”

Axel Palmaers, CEO of Cooperlink added: “The ability of our technologies to combine is extremely beneficial for construction projects, and we are delighted to work with Bricsys in this partnership.

“Avoiding silos of information is increasingly important to our customers to enable better collaboration across departments, uniform access to data across the organization, and reduce the cost of errors resulting from discrepancies between disconnected systems. .”

Set up quickly, Cooperlink CONNECT is available to a growing number of Bricsys customers around the world 24/7, whatever their role.

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