Chrome is now the fastest web browser for M1 Macs

Mac users – you’ll want to hear this. Google says the M99 version of Chrome runs faster than Safari. Google attributes this to improvements in JavaScript and graphics rendering, with a net increase of 43% since the launch of the M1 version of Chrome.

Chrome M99 has given the competition a spanking using Apple’s own Web Speedometer benchmark. It scored 300 using a ten-core M1 Max chip in a 64GB MacBook Pro. This benchmark simulates using various web apps in a browser, testing responsiveness.

I ran the same test on my i9-9900K powered desktop, using Chrome M99, and got a paltry 181. That’s a massive performance difference and perhaps more testament to the teams of Apple engineers who worked on the M1 chips.

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If you want to run the test on your own machine, be sure to disable all extensions and we found more accurate results in incognito mode.

Image: KnowTechie

Google says its recent improvements mean its browser is seven percent faster than Safari. What they don’t mention is resource usage, as the most common complaint against Chrome is that it’s RAM-hungry.

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Of course, part of that is on the web page developers stuffing tons of scripts and features. The days of lightweight websites are over and thankfully the days when computers easily ran out of RAM are over.

Our take on this game-changing Chrome exploit? Does it really matter? I mean, you need to use the browser that gives you the features you want and renders the websites you visit often well.

It could be Chrome, or it could be Safari, Brave, Firefox, or any of the smaller browsers on the market. You do, boo.

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