Chromebooks finally get a new web browser, but is it too late?


The browser wars have only just started on Google Chromebooks, with Opera publish an alternative web browser for the Chrome OS operating system.

The only choice for a web browser has never been Chrome, as users with no other alternative than Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft didn’t feel the need to build versions for Chromebooks.

However, the opera To saw an opportunity in this area, which is why there is now a native version of the web browser available for Google Chromebooks.

What does opera bring?

If you’ve used Opera before, you’ll feel right at home here, as everything has been transferred to Chrome OS. From built-in VPN to chat apps, the browser has been optimized to work on Chromebooks to be a worthy competitor to Chrome.

Besides themes and an ad blocker, there is also the useful feature called Flow, where you can store links and images, and they will sync between Opera browsers installed on your other devices.

“Chromebooks, with their user-friendly interface and touch screens, are great devices for people’s everyday needs. We have decided that it is high time that their users had access to a great alternative browser with a unique set of features that they will find both useful and fun. said Stefan Stjernelund, product manager of Opera for Android.

The New version from Opera for Chrome OS and Chromebooks can be downloaded here.

Analysis: the choice is good

It’s high time we saw an alternative web browser on Chromebooks after so many years of using Google’s browser. These machines stand well alongside other student laptops, which can even inspire others to switch to Opera, especially if they already have it installed on their smartphone or tablet.

Opera is known as the browser equivalent of a pen-knife – it can do a lot of things, but you may find yourself using only two features at most. What it does bring to the table, however, is security, with its ad blocker and built-in VPN that could inspire many to change just for that.

The competition is good and this could be a great opportunity for Opera on Chrome OS, especially since users have only ever been able to use the Chrome browser. However, will Opera have a hard time gaining a foothold in Chrome OS, as users who have been comfortable with what they’ve been using for years can just stick with Chrome?

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