Death Stranding potentially excluded from GeForce Now via Xbox web browser

There has been a lot of talk about Sony letting its first titles come to PC with the recent announcement of God of the war heads for the platform. It’s interesting to see the platform holder chilling out about the games coming to the platform even though years later but a title before that was Death Stranding. This title arrived on PC quite quickly and is now even part of GeForce Now. However, it looks like if you were hoping to play this on your Xbox, it might not be possible after all.

It was recently revealed that Xbox users could potentially stream PC games through the Edge web browser with GeForce Now due to a recent update. However, as noted by Tom Warren of The Verge below, an interesting omission is there. Despite Death Stranding being on the service, it does not appear on the search list at all through Xbox consoles.

It should be noted that the PC version is published by 505 Games and not by Sony, but Death Stranding still remains a property of Sony despite this. No official comment has been made by the parties involved, so whether this is an issue or if there is a contract that would specifically prevent the game from being released via a competitor’s console is not clear. However, it should be noted that some users have managed to get it working in other regions, such as Russia, which means this could just be the first one and things will be fixed in time. We will keep you posted.

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