DuckDuckGo’s New Web Browser Will Protect Your Privacy While Watching YouTube

The new Duck Player from DuckDuckGo, a more private way to watch YouTube.

DuckDuckGo today released a web browser for macOS in beta, giving privacy-conscious internet users a new way to browse. The browser uses various techniques to protect your information from spying websites and even includes innovative tools, including Duck Player, which supposedly lets you watch YouTube with fewer ads and less data collection. You can download DuckDuckGo for Mac here.

If you’re like most people on earth, you browse the web using Google Chrome, which sends so much data back to company servers that some privacy advocates call browser spyware. There are a number of more private options, including FireFox, Brave, and even Apple’s Safari. DuckDuckGo already has a browser for mobile devices, but this marks the company’s first foray into desktop browsing.

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When it comes to features, the most private YouTube player could be the star of the show. Duck Player leverages Google’s own tools to embed a video on another page using the strictest privacy settings available. According to DuckDuckGo, this means you’ll be better protected against tracking and the ads you see won’t be personalized. In fact, the company says it stopped most ads from playing during their testing, a perk that YouTube otherwise charges users for. It’s hard to imagine Google dropping a version of YouTube with fewer ads forever, but you can enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll also be able to watch your videos in a cleaner, distraction-free interface.

As DuckDuckGo points out in a blog post, you’re wrong if you think Chrome Incognito mode helps you sneak past the data industry. DuckDuckGo’s browser comes with a variety of privacy protections that really make a difference, and they’re enabled by default. These privacy tools will not only help you protect your data, they will also make your web browsing more convenient.

DuckDuckGo for Mac includes a number of techniques for blocking third-party trackers, including the company’s Smarter Encryption tool, which automatically encrypts much of your web traffic, and a button to automatically clear your browsing data. The browser is also integrated with the Bitwarden password manager.

But there are a few other privacy tools you might be more likely to notice. For one, DuckDuckGo for Mac will block lots of ads, and a new feature will actually clean up the white space left behind for a smoother look.

You will also have a cookie consent management tool. This will automatically choose the most private options on some websites when they interrupt you to ask if they can track you with cookies (which is especially annoying when you realize that most of the time these cookie pop-ups don’t even work).

If you want to try out the browser, setting it up is quite simple. You can try it out and import your bookmarks and passwords from another browser with just a few clicks. Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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