EVE Online now lets you play in a web browser

EVE Online has been a popular MMO for a long time and addicts got their wish last year when game developer CCP announced EVE Anywhere, which is a browser-based platform to stream the popular space MMO. Today it opens up to all EVE players, not just premium Omega subscribers. All you need is a modern browser, like Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox, and a strong 25 Mbps internet connection to start streaming epic space battles.

EVE Anywhere is launching in the United States and select European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, with more territories arriving later in the year. Are you ready for more action?

CCP says it depends on Intel technology to deliver the game to players on high-capacity servers. While diehard fans aren’t going to be ditching their PC rigs anytime soon, but EVE Anywhere will at least let you sneak into a few sessions when you’re away from home (or work, which you wouldn’t of course never. Right? Of course not.). The platform could also be useful as a gateway for gamers with slow and old hardware, as even a Chromebook would be able to stream EVE Anywhere. So now you can still fight.

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