Family-owned Dino Book Studio Partners with Web Design Company to Resurrect Dinosaurs



Rextooth Dino Book Ecommerce Home Page Web Design

Bozeman, MT – Graphic novel and book studio Dino partnered with a web design company for a new, hand-forged, e-commerce site for the future.

JTech’s job as a web designer is to create interfaces and experiences that customers will enjoy and remember. Rextooth’s new website integrates their strong visual brand into an exceptional user experience.

РF̩lix Wolfstrom | Senior designer | JTech Communications

BOZEMAN, MT, USA, Nov 3, 2021 / – Rextooth, a Montana-based dinosaur book company, has launched a new e-commerce site in partnership with JTech Communications, a web design company and digital marketing company located in Bozeman, MT, to help their business grow. JTech’s new web design for will allow customers to read and purchase graphic novels, shirts, graphic shorts, posters and prints from their stories about Sue the T-Rex and others. old. Rextooth’s stories are filled with science (and a little bit of magic), perfect for all ages.

Why is Rextooh’s new site so revolutionary? Rextooth’s web design approaches e-commerce in an unusual way. JTech decided to focus on UX to drive conversions among the two unique subsets of Rextooth customers with the same webpage – wholesale and retail customers.

JTech lead designer Felix Wolfstrom personally handled the web design for Rextooth. Felix said this:

“When I approach website design for Rextooth or for one of JTech’s clients, I first consider branding. Due to Ted Rechlin’s incredible illustration work, Rextooth already had a strong and well-established visual brand. Normally, companies come to JTech thinking that branding is just their logo, marketing, or visuals. In reality, this is just the beginning: branding is the entire interface and interaction between a company and its customers. JTech’s job as a web designer is to create interfaces and experiences that customers will appreciate and remember – bring them back to your brand in the future. Rextooth’s new website integrates seamlessly with their strong visual brand with excellent user experience. ”

РF̩lix Wolfstrom | Senior designer | JTech Communications

With just a few clicks, Rextooth retail customers will have their favorite stories, posters or prints right at their doorstep in no time. Wholesalers who want Dino books from Rextooth Studios can now access their wholesale portal from the top of their store page. This combined solution will streamline Rextooth’s customer experience.

Rextooth has stated the following about his time with JTech Communications.

“JTech was extremely agile and responsive to our needs and requests throughout this process. We really needed a wholesale website that would meet the needs of our customers nationwide, and we didn’t were able to achieve this with a ready-to-use website solution. We are very pleased with our new site and recommend JTech to anyone looking to expand their website offerings. “

– Tom Rechlin | Head of Operations | Rextooth Studios

We hope you take a few moments to explore the Rextooth community and find out what it was like to be one of the reptilian giants of years past.

JTech Communications is a Montana web design company that takes pride in attracting new qualified prospects to your target audience. JTech would like to help accelerate the growth of every business with full service web development and marketing.

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