Firefox 89 brings a new interface to Mozilla’s web browser



Firefox is getting a makeover from version 89 of the web browser, which is released today. The new user interface, previously known by its code name “Proton, ”Brings new icons, a redesigned Settings menu, an updated design for browser tabs, and more.

Mozilla says the new design gives Firefox an easier to use and cleaner interface without so many redundant features and icons. But as with any major UI change, I think it will take some people some time to get used to the new layout, which may require finding some elements that have been moved to some. new locations.

Firefox 89, quite frankly, looks a bit more like Google Chrome than Firefox 88. The browser tabs are bigger than before, and they now have rounded corners rather than sharp ones. And the options in the action / setting drop-down menu are more like Google’s. It removes icons in favor of text descriptions and places New Tab, New Window, and New Private Window actions near the top of the screen.

Unlike Chrome, however, there is quite a bit of space between each browser tab. Mozilla says that these “floating tabs” more clearly indicate that the tabs can be moved.

Mozilla has also updated the permission prompts, giving a cleaner, more modern look to pop-ups that ask if you want to allow access to your camera and microphone, for example.

Other changes in Firefox 89 include:

  • Updated notification system with messages that take up less space and non-essential messages have been removed
  • Auto-play media disabled by default
  • Total protection of cookies is now always enabled in incognito mode
  • Mac users get:
    • Elastic overscroll effect (a bouncing animation when you tap the bottom of the page)
    • Smart zoom (double tap with two fingers on a trackpad or single finger with a magic mouse)
    • Native pop-up menus with support for light and dark mode themes

The new user interface is also deployed on Firefox for Android and iOS devices, bringing new menus, tabs, icons and typography, among other things.

Going through Firefox 89 Release Notes and Mozilla blog post

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