FUT web app and Fifa 22 Companion, when to download apps?


FIFA 22 is coming soon to consoles and PC with two apps. See release dates for FUT Web and Fifa 22 Support.

Update September 23 at 10:30 am:

Web application FIFA22 There are Available on PC (Evidence) It can be released on this mobile from September 23!

Like every year, a new version of the FIFA license will be released later this year with all new features and updates. Many new features will be released on FIFA 22 on October 1, 2022 by Electronic Arts.

FIFA22 With two candidates, FIFA 22 add-on, A mobile application and FUT Web App. These two processors should be available September 22, 2021 Agree withFIFA 22 Early Access. Find out when these two processors will accompany you in your FIFA 22 experience.

When will the FUT web app and related FIFA 22 apps be released?

Regarding the application FUT Web, Available at 2021 September 22 Wednesday According to the FIFA 22 website (Evidence) It should therefore be available for players soon FIFA 22 Early Access. The FUT web app allows players who wish to invest in FIFA 22’s FUT mode to receive a bonus for receiving a competing team. Players can get prizes and open packs, watch the Team of the Week, customize your club, or create tips.

Regarding mobile use, FIFA 22 add-on, It should be available the same day, ie. September 22, 2021. This will allow you to have the management of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on your mobile.

No time has been specified to officially release these two applications, but they must be September 22, 2021 following the maintenance of that day.

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