GoDaddy 2021 Web Hosting Review


Come on daddy often ranks among the best web hosting providers and the best website builders worldwide, offering a range of hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes as well as one of the best easy website builders.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review: Snapshot

In general, GoDaddy is a great hosting option. It’s known for its excellent performance backed by data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, but its prices are certainly not the lowest available.

However, it’s not for everyone, which means it’s extremely important to do your research before committing to a subscription. In this GoDaddy web hosting review, we take a look at everything you need to know about this provider, including their prices, main features, performance, and more.

Rating: 4/5

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GoDaddy web hosting: plans and prices

GoDaddy web hosting pricing plans

There are different plans available for businesses of all sizes (Image credit: GoDaddy)

GoDaddy offers a selection of accommodation options, including shared, WordPress, commercial, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. Prices start from $ 4.99 for the cheapest VPS plan, but the pricing structure is pretty disappointing overall.

For starters, the cheapest Economy shared hosting plan is advertised at $ 5.99 per month. It comes with generous server resources including 100 GB of storage, 10 databases, and unlimited bandwidth. However, you will need to pay for a three-year subscription in advance if you want to access the advertised price.

Alternatively, you can pay monthly for $ 10.99 per month, annually for $ 6.99 per month, or semi-annually for $ 6.49 per month. Plus, the 12, 24, and 36 month plans all renew at $ 8.99 per month. A similar pricing structure is present at all levels.

There are three other shared hosting plans available, with prices increasing to $ 19.99 per month for the most expensive Maximum subscription, which includes an impressive array of advanced features.

There are four managed WordPress plans costing from just $ 6.99 to $ 15.99 per month for an initial subscription. These include a selection of WordPress-specific features, but they only allow you to connect to one website.

Those with more advanced needs will benefit from GoDaddy’s highly configurable VPS hosting. Price range from $ 4.99 to $ 99.99 per month for basic plans, but you can customize them to suit your needs.

In addition, GoDaddy offers a selection of Windows and Linux dedicated servers. Prices start from $ 94.99 per month, making it an affordable option for those with more advanced needs. And finally, there is also corporate hosting (a managed VPS solution) available starting at $ 19.99 per month, as well as reseller plans starting at $ 39.99 per month.

As long as you’re aware of GoDaddy’s higher renewal prices and the lengthy subscriptions required, there’s not much else to worry about here.

GoDaddy web hosting: features

The GoDaddy Domain Name Lookup Web Page

GoDaddy offers excellent domain registration services (Image credit: GoDaddy)

The exact features you get with GoDaddy will obviously depend on the type of hosting you are using. For example, the features included in a shared hosting package are vastly different from what you will get with a dedicated server. Below, we’ve outlined some notable inclusions that you should be aware of.

With its web hosting services, GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world. It provides comprehensive domain registration services at very competitive prices, allowing you to manage every aspect of your website from a central dashboard and choose a domain name from the various options available.

All shared and WordPress plans, along with some selected ones, come with the extremely useful Installatron tool. This enables one-click installation of over 150 third-party apps and programs to streamline the process of building and managing websites.

Another notable feature is GoDaddy’s On-Demand Resources. Basically, you can add CPU / RAM, storage, and more to your hosting plan as per your requirement. Just go to your dashboard and follow the instructions.

GoDaddy offers a 99.9% full uptime guarantee. However, it is very ambiguous as to the refund you will be granted if your uptime drops below the threshold. Saying that, GoDaddy is known for its excellent long-term uptime, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There is also a 14 day money back guarantee so you can try before you buy. Note, however, that this only applies to subscriptions of 12 months or more. Shorter subscriptions come with a 48-hour warranty.

GoDaddy Web Hosting: Interface and Usage

GoDaddy's cPanel Control Panel in use

GoDaddy uses a cPanel control panel (Image credit: GoDaddy)

Getting started with GoDaddy is a very straightforward process, even if you’ve never used web hosting before. Simply select the plan you want and follow the instructions to sign up for a new account.

Once done, log into your new account. You will be taken to your GoDaddy dashboard, which will list your purchased products. Click on your web hosting, then click on the cPanel Admin button at the top right to access your management area.

If you have experience with web hosting, you’ll like GoDaddy’s standard cPanel management interface. It’s pretty easy to navigate and comes with all the advanced tools you’ll need to build and manage your website.

GoDaddy web hosting: support

GoDaddy Support Home Page

GoDaddy offers a selection of support streams (Image credit: GoDaddy)

All GoDaddy users have access to a large selection of support feeds, including various live help channels and self-help resources.

There is an excellent help library with hundreds of articles, tutorials, and how-to guides. These cover everything from starting your first website to advanced configuration options. If you have a more complicated problem, you can take advantage of the active community forum.

You can also contact the support team through one of GoDaddy’s live help channels. For starters, a 24/7 live chat is available on the company’s website. In addition, near global phone support is available in multiple languages ​​and locations. Unfortunately, however, there is no email or ticket support option.

GoDaddy Web Hosting: Security

GoDaddy's webpage discussing its security features

GoDaddy offers highly secure web hosting (Image credit: GoDaddy)

One of the best things about GoDaddy web hosting is the emphasis on security. All hosting packages are protected by a wide range of security integrations and continuous system monitoring to reduce the risk of digital attacks and malware infections.

Most hosting plans come with an SSL certificate included, and if you go for a cheaper plan that doesn’t, you can use a free Let’s Encrypt certificate to secure your site.

All servers are continuously monitored to reduce the risk of hacking and malware infection. Strong DDoS protection is in place and all subscriptions come with native GoDaddy fraud, virus and spam protection, although GoDaddy does not provide any details on this.

And finally, you can rest assured that GoDaddy’s servers will not be forced to go offline due to a lack of security. There’s a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but our benchmarks suggest you shouldn’t come close to that threshold.

Alternatives to GoDaddy web hosting

GoDaddy is an extremely popular web host due to its impressive reputation and beginner-friendly nature. However, there are plenty of alternatives that are definitely worth considering.

For example, Hostinger is a powerful choice if you are looking for rock bottom prices backed by impressive performance and reliability. Its shared hosting prices start from $ 0.99 per month, with a renewal at $ 2.15, compared to $ 5.99 for a $ 8.99 renewal from GoDaddy. Read our full Hostinger review for more details.

During this time, HostGator is another great alternative that targets web hosting newbies. It is also very competitively priced, although its performance is somewhat of concern. For more information, read our HostGator review.

GoDaddy web hosting: the verdict

Ultimately, GoDaddy is a solid web hosting provider that doesn’t offer anything fancy. It’s priced right, it comes with a range of extra features, and it’s certainly pretty good security.

However, there is little that makes us recommend GoDaddy over other similar vendors. Sure, it has a great beginner-friendly dashboard and lets you manage all aspects of your site, but then again, nothing really sets it apart.

By all means, take advantage of the money back guarantee to test GoDaddy’s hosting services. You might like them, but then again, you might not like them.

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