Google Meet is now a progressive web app, making it easier to access

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are taking the world by storm. Instead of using a locally downloaded and installed packaged app, as you traditionally would for mobile or handheld experiences, PWAs allow you to access full app-like programs directly through your web browser – no installation required. It’s as easy as clicking or tapping an icon, like you would an app, but lighter and they also include many of the same features as local apps.


We reported in April that Google was testing pre-installed Meet and Chat web apps on Chrome OS so users wouldn’t have to manually visit those sites through the browser’s address bar, and instead could sign in via message and video to colleagues and family members out of the box. Well, Meet is officially rolled out as a PWA and you can install it now!

To get started, simply visit Google Meet on the web. From there, you will notice a new PWA install prompt at the top right of Chrome Omnibox (address or URL bar). It looks like a computer screen with a down arrow in the corner. Tap or click it and a dialog will ask if you want to “install” Google Meet. Select the blue “Install” button and the entire website will immediately appear in its own standalone window with a nice blue top bar. Even better, you can now access your video chat software via a cute Meet icon that has been placed on your shelf and in your launcher!

To be clear, the PWA version of Meet doesn’t have any new features compared to its app counterpart, but it’s much more accessible that way. If you’ve been using it as a standalone app all this time, you already know the benefit of having a website tab that looks like a native app with its own identifiable icon and process. Anyone coming to Chrome OS and used to using Windows programs, for example, will feel comfortable with PWAs, and as they continue to be added to the Google Play Store, they will become more discoverable to everyone. world.

Google Meet now includes a completely new and improved layout and several new features, including animated backgrounds, various security improvements for your organization, and more. The company has literally been obsessed with making it the best digital workspace and the best classroom during the global pandemic, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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