Google will update Chrome OS as fast as its web browser


Google doesn’t just reserve quick updates for its Chrome browser. Google is moving Chrome OS has the same four week update schedule, starting with version M96 in Q4 2021. You will only have to wait about a month to get bug fixes and security fixes for your Chromebook.

The company will ignore version M95 to sync Chrome OS and Chrome browser. You’ll also see a slower six-month update schedule for schools and corporate clients that should arrive by the time M96 is ready.

The move aims to speed up feature releases while focusing on the “key pillars” of Chrome OS, including stability, security, simplicity, and speed. To some extent, it’s a recognition that Chrome OS updates have become more iterative as the platform matures – the focus is now on small but quick tweaks rather than giant changes. Slower updates are now aimed at classrooms and others more interested in solid code than the latest interface.

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