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New Delhi | Jagran Business Office: The start of Corona forced people to stay at home and businesses stopped receiving customers. Eventually, they began to shut down one by one as the business community struggled to find ways to reach their customers.

The global pandemic has posed a serious threat to the world and also to the Indian economy as it has become difficult to do business in person. Startups were the hardest hit by the disaster as securing investor support became increasingly difficult.

It has become imperative that these companies find more effective and economical ways to reach the public. Traditional business practices are becoming obsolete day by day as more and more people get used to shopping online from their homes.

This is why every business, regardless of its size, needs a website on the Internet. This is also why a business website is one of the most vital needs for any startup today.

But, it is an expensive affair because developing a website is not child’s play. Aside from domain development and registration, web hosting expenses take up most of the budget, leaving very little for other activities.

So you have to be very careful and make a wise decision to choose a hosting with decent performance without putting too much strain on your funds. Quality and affordable hosting can go a long way in shaping your online business.

MilesWeb is a web hosting company that has taken note of these issues to design user-friendly service plans for startups as well as small and medium businesses. They provide everything a small business website needs to run without paying too much.

They started as a hosting provider in 2012 so they can help upcoming businesses meet their challenges online. There was still a void in the Indian market for a budget hosting provider that could meet the demands of startups.

It is a perfect hosting for beginners who do not know how to code and develop a website. You can build your own website instead of hiring a developer and launching it using their website builder tool. You even save money on SSL certificates and domain registration if you buy their one- or three-year plans. It reduces the total cost of developing and launching your website.

Many business owners are inexperienced with hosting and find it difficult to customize the settings on their own. MilesWeb fully manages its hosting platform, configuring it for your website at no additional cost. It is a lifeline for business owners without technical training as they can leave it to the professionals.

In addition, they offer 24/7 support via live chat and email. The MilesWeb support team has won numerous awards for its exceptional service and has been appreciated by many business customers. Many start-up entrepreneurs have reported their satisfactory experience with MilesWeb on numerous internet rating platforms.

As the leading hosting company in India, MilesWeb has built a reputation among Indian companies as a reliable web host for startup websites. Why do these companies prefer MilesWeb to other big names in the industry? This is because the supplier has always looked after them.

Despite lowering its prices to a minimum in the industry, MilesWeb has never compromised on the quality of its service. As a testament to this statement, MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that fully reimburses customers within the first thirty days if they receive unsatisfactory service.

By providing powerful web hosting at affordable costs, MilesWeb has helped many startups and small businesses thrive. Especially during the pandemic, they hosted websites and applications for universities, online coaching institutes, cloud ERP and accounting software, desktop backups, virtual offices, etc.

If you are looking for a hosting company for your startup website, we recommend that you visit them today and get started easy.

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