How to Change Default Web Browser of Android Smartphone and iPhone

According to the brand, every smartphone has a default browser which is used to open pages when web links are clicked. For example, Android devices with standard operating system are usually equipped with Google Chrome as the default browser, but in brands like Samsung and Apple, the default browser is different. Apple phones use Safari as the default browser, while Samsung devices come preloaded with the Samsung Internet Browser. While users can download additional browsers and use them to access the internet, the phone will continue to open the default browser whenever we click on an external link received from social media or messaging apps like WhatsApp. However, users have the option to change the default browser by following a few simple steps.

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Step-by-step guide on how to change default browser on Android phone:
-Open the Settings app from the phone menu.
-Next, tap on “Apps” and select the Default Apps option.
-If you are unable to locate the option, you may need to tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to find it,
-Tap on the first option of ‘Browser App’
-Here you will see your phone’s current default browser as well as another browser installed on your app.
-Select the app you want to set as default app.

How to change the default browser of your iOS browser: Although Apple advises users to use the company’s default products, you can still continue to change your smartphone’s primary browser by following these simple steps:

– Locate the “Settings” application and open it.
– Scroll down to your preferred web browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or any other.)
– Tap on your selected browser to open app setting.
– Here you will see a button allowing you to switch to your default browser.
– Press and choose the browser of your choice.

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The decision to change your phone’s default browser is entirely up to your preferences. If you like the layout, speed, or functionality of the browser more than your phone’s default, there’s no harm in changing it. In addition, you always have the option of returning it to the original. Switching browsers also lets you experience new features and functionality in the web browsing experience.

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