How to post Instagram photos and videos to your web browser



Instagram is finally testing a new option that will allow users to post content from their computers after years of mostly mobile apps.

The new feature was first spotted by users on Twitter in May, but it was then only tested internally. However, Instagram has now officially confirmed the news in a statement to Gizmodo Australia and is currently rolling it out for wider user testing.

“We know that many people access Instagram from their computers. To improve this experience, we are now testing the ability to create an Instagram post with their desktop browser, ”a Facebook company spokesperson told Gizmodo Australia.

Unfortunately, an Instagram spokesperson also confirmed to Gizmodo Australia that the trial is only about producing photos / videos on the stream, which means you still can’t post any reels or stories on the stream. office.

If you’re wondering why Instagram took 11 long years to roll out the feature, it’s because the company has would have saw a spike of users scrolling across the desktop amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

You know, because we’ve all spent the past year at home with our plethora of devices, rather than being locked in public transportation scrolling through our phones.

Basically, Instagram is slowly trying to flesh out the desktop web experience to be a viable alternative to the native mobile app. They’ve already introduced desktop messaging, so publishing is a natural next step.

“Instagram is a mobile first experience. In fact, during the first years of his life, Instagram was a mobile-alone experience, with the website redirecting users to download the app, ”Instagram said when webmail was announcement in 2020.

“But as a service evolves, both in terms of the number of users and the use cases it serves, it’s important to broaden our understanding of how new interfaces can add value. value to the user experience.

“For Instagram, the desktop web experience is the primary alternative to native apps, and we’ve done a lot of qualitative and quantitative work on the use cases it can solve for our users. “

Interestingly, an Instagram data scientist noted that further development of the desktop web service did not hurt engagement within the mobile app.

“In fact, it’s quite the opposite – users who use both interfaces spend more time on each interface, compared to users who use each interface exclusively,” they said. Last year.

At the time of posting, I don’t personally have access to the feature (unfortunately), but industry commentator Matt Navarra has dropped some screenshots of how it all works on Twitter.

How to post to Instagram on your computer

The feature is not yet available to everyone, but if you have access to it, you will see the “+” button in the taskbar in the upper right corner of the website.

Image: Matt Navarra
  1. Click on the ‘+’ button.
  2. Import your photos and / or videos. You can either select in a new window or drag and drop. Instead of allowing custom sizes, the desktop version only lets you choose from one of four options: original, square (1: 1), portrait (4: 5), or landscape (16: 9).
    Instagram web post
    Image: Matt Navarra
  3. Apply filters / changes as usual. However, it should be noted that the desktop editing feature is less extensive than the mobile app.
    Instagram web post
    Image: Matt Navarra
  4. Add captions, tags, and alt text.
  5. To share.


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