How to use Instagram in a web browser

  • Instagram on the web allows you to use the social media application from a browser on your computer.
  • The web version of Instagram includes most of what the mobile app offers, with a few exceptions in the Stories and Store functionality.
  • You can post to Instagram from the web, but you need to choose photos or videos stored on your computer.
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Most people use Instagram on their phone using the social media platform’s mobile app, but if you need to post or chat with your followers while sitting at a computer then don’t worry, you can use Instagram on the web. Using Instagram on the web, you can post, comment, and interact with your account from any Mac or Windows PC.

How to use Instagram in a web browser

Instagram on the web is similar to the mobile app. If you are already familiar with the social media service on your phone, using it in a web browser won’t be too difficult for you. Even so, the layout is noticeably different.

To get started, open the instagram web page web page in your browser and sign in with your account information. By default, it should open to feed. At the top of the page, you should see a toolbar with all of the main controls available to you:

instagram site

Use the toolbar at the top of the page to browse Instagram on the web.

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  • Homepage: The house shaped icon displays the organized feed of your account. You can scroll through them and browse the posts the same way you would use the mobile app.
  • messages: The Message icon takes you to your private message page, where you can read, reply to and send messages to your friends and followers.
  • Create a new message: Click it plus sign (+) to create a new message (for more details, see the next section).
  • To explore: Click it compass icon to see the Explore page. This is similar to the crawl results that appear on your search page in the mobile app.
  • Activity: Click it heart icon to see a drop-down menu listing recent engagement with your Instagram account. You can see who has followed you, liked a photo, left a comment, and more.
  • Profile: Click on your profile icon to see the options menu. You can go to your profile page, view the photos you’ve saved, go to settings, or switch accounts (if you’re signed in to multiple Instagram accounts on the web).

When you scroll through the Instagram posts on any of the pages, you can interact with them using the same tools as on the mobile app. Directly under a photo, you can:

instagram site

Just like in the mobile app, you can like, comment, and share photos on the web.

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  • Like a photo. Click it Heart icon.
  • See all comments for this photo. Click it comments icon. The photo will open in a larger view and you can see the discussion thread on the right.
  • Share the photo. Click it To share icon, address and add a message. Click on To send.
  • add a comment. Type a comment then click on To post.

How to post to Instagram from a computer

Posting to Instagram on the web is simple: just click the create a new post icon (the plus symbol) at the top of the webpage, then select a photo or video from your computer. For all the details, here’s how to post on Instagram using your computer.

How the Instagram web differs from the mobile app

Instagram on the web offers a similar experience to using the mobile app, but the website is slightly incomplete. The most significant difference is related to stories: you can’t post or add to your own story, but you can still view your story and stories from the accounts you follow. Additionally, you won’t find a Shop tab on the web version of Instagram like you would with the latest versions of the mobile app.

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