Introducing Memolast – A new web application that brings together all the photos and videos from everyone at any event in one place

Memolast – Where your photos come together. Easily transfer and collect photos between hundreds of people in your community.

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA, USA, Sept. 28, 2022 / — Memolast is a new web application that was created for users to easily share and collect large group photos, especially if they are trying to get photos of an event. If there is a large group of guests, for example, at a wedding, birthday or baby shower, or a community of students or employees, then Memolast can help users to collect photos of them. No need to walk up to every guest at the event or function and ask them to personally share photos and videos. Users simply create an album and invite others to join. Once others have joined the album, they can upload their photos and videos to share with the user and everyone! This way, guests will be able to view and download all the media that was captured during the event.

Memolast has a simple and intuitive user interface and offers full resolution photo and video storage that can be organized and managed in beautiful galleries. Users can then share the gallery with others via a QR code and/or shared ID and password. Memolast offers both a free trial and paid subscriptions depending on the user’s needs.

Memolast is quickly becoming one of the leading photo sharing web applications. It’s easy to see why. There are many options available to collect images from groups, but the job is still very complicated to do, especially for those who have thousands of photos and would like to share their best photos. Memolast presents itself as the most sophisticated and adaptable method for collecting images from groups of all sizes when a more reliable solution is required for personal and professional use. The web app is well-designed and works quickly, with no need to download an iOS or Android app. With these benefits and more, we recommend you try this photo sharing app.

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