Linktree Deploys Fastly’s Cloud-Based Edge Cloud Platform and Web Application


CORPORATE NEWS: Melbourne-based liaison platform Linktree has deployed the industry-leading cloud platform from global cloud platform provider Fastly and next-generation web based application firewall. on the cloud to make their online content easier to find, more secure to manage and to strengthen the online presence in social networks and e-commerce stores, supporting 16 million global users.

Linktree chose Fastly’s cloud edge platform to save time and streamline the DevOps lifecycle. With a dedicated CI / CD pipeline for deploying changes to Fastly, access to the Fastly user interface can now be restricted and developers can make changes easily through a pull request.

Additionally, Linktree worked with Fastly to improve its security posture and scalability when the organization experienced a three-month signup spike in which millions of new users permanently linked to their online content.

Fastly’s Cloud WAF deployment option provided a developer friendly environment, including accessibility to work at the edge and use Typescript code at the application layer.

“Although we have established rules in our [previous] WAF was on a case-by-case basis rather than a holistic solution, ”recalls Paul Oram, Engineer Manager Linktree.

“We wanted it to cover the entire edge and integrate with our content delivery network. Indeed, there was a time when I was in the console all day, looking at attacking surfaces and putting in place rules to block or limit them, ”says Oram.

When the two organizations first collaborated, Linktree noticed a bad actor who had written a Python script to create several fake accounts daily.

By leveraging Fastly’s WAF Cloud, the Linktree team was able to create new rules in two minutes to block the bot. The fake accounts were closed instantly.

Fastly’s cloud edge platform and WAF Cloud deployment improved Linktree’s performance. Uptime dropped from 96% to 99.999%, putting the platform in a much better position to prepare for the unexpected.

“Selena Gomez could join the platform, so [Metallica], and it sets off a cascade of new users that you just can’t predict. Having Fastly Scale under us has been of great benefit, ”says Bradley Shawyer, Engineering Manager at Linktree.

This year, Linktree has seen steady growth with changing consumer behaviors including more time spent on social media and online shopping. In the first three months of 2021, growth skyrocketed, adding four million new users, with registrations peaking at around 43,000 per day.

Fastly has been a strategic upgrade for Linktree developer and technical teams to meet changing consumer and market conditions.

“It works as it should in a DevOps environment and it’s easy to harden infrastructure as code. Programmability and the ability to work with Fastly in code were powerful for Linktree. At the same time, Fastly has enabled Linktree to benefit beyond the engineering team – we have helped the customer success team take the load off. The integrated product works well for us. It handles everything we need, ”Oram explains.

The team’s next program is continuous security improvement, exploration of Fastly’s image optimizer, and the migration of Linktree’s monolithic application to a serverless microservices architecture.


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