Microsoft Edge update brings more Windows to your web browser

If you’re a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user, Microsoft is at the heart of everything you do on a computer. Yesterday we covered how Microsoft is working to improve Windows 11’s search functionality by pulling information from places like your calendar as well as online to give you a richer search console. Today we have news of Microsoft doing something similar to Microsoft Edge. We’ll take a look.

An interesting entry appeared on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which the software giant uses to announce upcoming changes to various Microsoft programs. It doesn’t say much, but the title of the entry is Microsoft Edge: Get your favorite tools in the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

It looks like Microsoft is going to energize the Microsoft Edge sidebar by incorporating Calculator, internet speed test and unit converter tools in the browser. Just like with search showing you things that aren’t normally associated with a search such as upcoming events, it’s unify the functionality of disparate tools into a single workspace. All three of these tools are also very useful web browsing tools, which means that when this feature rolls out, it will help reduce a lot of the switching you make between different apps.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap entries are pretty basic stuff, as you can see in the screenshot above. There’s a lot of information there, though. Along with the nature of the upcoming feature, it also tells us that it should be ready for General availability around August 2022 and that it goes deployment to users worldwide. This means that at the end of the summer, it will probably be available on your version of Microsoft Edge.

It’s interesting to see Microsoft unify app experiences like this and it makes a lot of sense. If you’re behind a lot of the basic tools that people use every day, why wouldn’t you put them all in one place, especially if that place is your flagship web browser that competes with the global juggernaut that is Google Chrome.

If you are a Microsoft Edge user, be sure to stick with us to stay up to date with all the latest Microsoft Edge news.

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