Midsomer Murders star reacts to big twist in Scarecrow episode

Season 22 of Midsomer Murders resumed tonight (Sunday May 29) with Episode 4, The Scarecrow Murders, in which three people were brutally offended before being hung up as front men and women.


But in a shocking twist, it emerged there wasn’t just one killer raging, but a grand total of three: Naomi was killed by Rachel (real name Lisa), while her father and Reverend Oscar were murdered by Jack, and Thea was pounded to death by Samira.

Adele was next on their list, but the police managed to catch the culprits before they could do anything worse.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Nick Hendrix, who plays Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter, said: “The challenge with something like Midsomer is: how do you keep it the same, but also make it different every time? And often there is only one murderer who often killed one person by accident or by crime of passion and then they killed two other people to try to cover their tracks.

“And the idea of ​​having multiple murderers just makes it a little more interesting, I think, and a little trickier because sometimes it feels too easy – well, not easy, but too well put together when Barnaby and Winter join the dots. at the end, and it all comes together, so it’s really nice to have that different approach.

“We’re always trying to think of ways to break the tropes and break the template, but still keep it the same. We always have red herrings. Everyone’s basically a suspect. You don’t really have any characters that aren’t suspicious in a way so I thought that was good I thought that was smart and I hope we keep doing that, keep trying to reinvent the wheel .

Jaqueline Boatswain as Rachel Taylor. TVI

Naomi, Oscar and Thea were killed due to their involvement with Ventuity, an online casino founded by Adele. Naomi handled public relations, Oscar was one of the major shareholders, and Thea was the customer relations manager.

But while Ventuity had benefited the trio, fattening their pockets considerably, he had left the murderers’ lives in tatters.

Lisa’s son racked up so much debt that he committed suicide at the age of 20, while Jack’s father used payday loans to gamble with Ventuity, causing him to lose his house. He tried to quit, but the company wouldn’t leave him alone, just as Thea had given Samira a number of free bets, despite knowing she was desperately trying to break her destructive habit.

They met on an online forum and started joking about what they wanted Naomi, Oscar, Thea and Adele to do, before turning their shared fantasy into reality.

“The other thing with the show is that we try to always modernize and stay current while honoring history,” Hendrix said. “And by bringing in themes like that, like gambling addiction, there’s kind of a sweet nod to current issues.”

Simon Shepherd and Amara Karan in Midsomer Murders.

Simon Shepherd and Amara Karan in Midsomer Murders. TVI

Speaking about the series celebrating its 25th anniversary, Hendrix added: “Somehow, over 25 years and despite the number of episodes, Midsomer has managed to maintain the standard.

“We’re shooting one right now and it feels and looks and is written just as good and quirky and playful as any of the other episodes. From 25 years ago to now, they’ve managed to maintain that in a somehow, even though they’ve changed actors, changed producers, changed writers over the years.

“You know what you get with Midsomer. People sometimes like a little stability in what they watch on TV. I don’t know about you, but I still spend hours sitting in front of the TV [deciding what to watch].

“There’s a bit of stress and administration around it. And sometimes people just say ‘Midsomer is on’ and there’s no debating what it’s going to be, or if they’re going to be there. like it or not. They just know what they’re going to get.

“We like new and cutting-edge things, but people also like stability, people like a friendly face, a reliable, trusted source, and I think Midsomer is that.

“And also, everyone loves a thriller. Everyone loves trying to solve a mystery. It doesn’t need to be defined anywhere in particular. People love it.”

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