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Modern Campus Intros Low-Code Web Design Tool for Higher Education

Educational technology company Modern Campus has launched a low-code web design tool for higher education. Melody, as it is called, is intended to reduce the effort and time required to create web pages, allowing ordinary users to develop them without programming knowledge or the help of computers.

The company has also updated its content management system (CMS) with more customization features and introduced a set of services for institutions that want third-party web design assistance and consultation.

“With Melody, content and web teams can spend their time at their fair value: on better strategy, better content and ultimately a better experience for students,” said Reuben Pressman, Chief Product Officer, in a commentary. Press release. “Rather than coding models and being ‘stuck’ with what they receive, customers can now use our industry-leading low-code toolset to create layouts in minutes rather than a few minutes. days, reuse them rather than recreate them and benefit from our best CMS community resources for education. “

Modern Campus Omni CMS has been updated to allow importing data from external applications, such as a Constituent Relationship Management System or Student Information System, to support places targeted segments as part of the personalization of the website visitor experience. For example, a university could display content that it considers relevant to people in a given geolocation and with a particular high school GPA, by importing relevant data from Ellucian Recruit or Salesforce.

The company’s new Design Studio will act as an agency for front-end web design work, providing support to clients who do not have the internal resources for their websites, to manage, for example, corporate compliance. accessibility or other web design updates.

“Our potential students are seasoned consumers who have high expectations of the institutions they explore, and the website is their first interaction with us and our brand,” said Eric Hazen, head of web marketing at Ferris State University, in a statement. communicated. “Modern Campus enhancements and expansions allow us to deliver a digital experience and a first impression that inspires students to engage more deeply. These tools help us go beyond simply telling students how much we care about their success, and instead allow us to show them how our programs, supports and outcomes align with their needs and goals. individual. “

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