New DataFlex 2021 Offers Improved Web Application Security, Many Platform-Wide Enhancements


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New security libraries make it easier to build web applications when you have slightly more complex security requirements.

Data Access Worldwide has released DataFlex 2021, the latest version of the company’s flagship RAD platform for commercial applications.

The proven DataFlex application framework supports centralized business rules and automated data binding in its data-driven controls. The highly optimized development studio means producing less new code, increased reliability, and more business software – in less time.

The new Studio, based on the 64-bit Unicode architecture, was developed with “security by design” in mind. This includes a security layer integrated seamlessly into the existing framework, as well as sample code available for a security module, including the latest technology for encryption and password management. DataFlex Studio offers out-of-the-box security resources to help software developers prevent unwanted data exposure and malicious operations.

New dynamic web objects give developers increased flexibility for dashboards, user-configurable questionnaires, or any situation where the exact structure of the object can only be determined at runtime.

Developers will also appreciate the new cWebTagsForm control which looks like a standard web form, but allows the selection of multiple items visually represented by boxes / balloons (tags), as well as the new cWebGeoLocation class which queries the current location (at the using GPS coordinates) wrapping HTML5 API navigator.geolocation, and supports both single request and tracking. A new favorite feature of DataFlex Studio for developers is the ability to configure it with the new dark theme.

The DataFlex 2021 web application server has been equipped with better web application management, including the ability to set the maximum number of concurrent sessions per web application instead of per server instance. WebApp Server now also provides improved automatic reloading of process pools, improved logic when a process is in an error state, a new ability to specify under which user account web applications should run, improvements in the maximum process definition in SPLF configurations, and more. In SPLF configurations, a set of up to 256 servers are clustered for improved performance, load balancing, failover, and security.

Database connectivity in DataFlex 2021 includes direct 32- and 64-bit Unicode compliant drivers for Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2, as well as enhanced 32- and 64-bit Unicode compliant ODBC support for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services Aurora and Oracle. The applications integrated with DataFlex can be deployed on any database without having to modify the source code or recompile; just select the right database driver for the intended backend.

Australian developer Joseph Mullins of 28 IT, a DataFlex specialist consultancy, says: “The first thing I saw in DataFlex 2021 was dark mode in the IDE, and I’m sure we’re all thrilled with that. , given how we can use that at night and not wake up the partner – that’s fine!

“But, of course, DataFlex 2021 also brings a lot of other things. The new security libraries make it easier to build web applications when you have slightly more complex security requirements, such as when you have multiple levels of users, but only want to create one view. Doing things like this is much easier.

Joseph is also impressed with the new dynamic web objects. “This is one of the best things because it saved me from having to write custom elements in JavaScript and use custom front-end frameworks when I didn’t really want to. Now that removes all of that and keeps it in the DataFlex framework and very easy to maintain.

Overall, DataFlex 2021 brings improvements in all aspects of the platform, advances the feature set for mobile, web and Windows business applications, and implements many improvements and customer suggestions to increase developer productivity and reduce the total cost of applications.

Along with the release of DataFlex 2021, Data Access Worldwide also provided DataFlex Reports 2021 for seamless integration of operational reports and a new SQL-based DataFlex “Plato” business application sample with source code that illustrates the range of features and of functions necessary to run any business.

“With the energy and investment spanning five years and the multiple interim revisions of DataFlex, the 2021 release is the product foundation for the longer future to come. The well-architected and stable core of the product, combined with a long-term vision and strong financial position of the company to deliver, guarantees a bright future for developers and millions of users around the world. Says CEO Chip Casanave.

“Whatever new technologies are coming, DataFlex developers benefit from continuity and compatibility, while still being able to support relevant new technologies. This has a positive impact on the return of their investments.

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