New On-Mission Web App to Introduce Black Churches to Ministerial Candidates

John W. Woodall Jr.



INDIANNAPOLIS, IN, USA, April 20, 2022 / — Founder and President of, Reverend John W. Woodall Jr. is excited to launch his new web application. The purpose of the app is to introduce pastoral candidates to African American churches who are currently seeking or will soon be seeking a new pastor. This innovative application will satisfy a great need of black congregations.

There are many reasons why churches need a new pastor. Sometimes the presiding pastor retires after a long period of service in the local congregation. According to Lifeway Research, which describes pastors as resilient, “about 250 pastors are known to leave the ministry each month.” In other cases, misunderstandings and abuse are a factor of vacancy. Also, the untimely death of a beloved pastor can leave the flock in dismay. At the other end of the spectrum, there are many well-qualified and gifted men of the stuff who seek to pastor their own ecclesia.

The app will strive to bring the two entities together. Please note that the design of this application does not target color pastors only. Reverend Woodall encourages all pastors to visit the app and create an account, knowing that black churches embody a distinct atmosphere that comes through in their worship.

In black churches, the search for a new pastor can be a daunting journey filled with mixed emotions. They usually form a pastoral search committee to take on this task. According to Reverend Woodall, “there is generally a dearth of advice, guidance and education, especially regarding how pastoral research should be carried out. Therefore, the process of pastoral research in many churches tends to be more of an employment process than the spiritual journey for which it is intended. As a result, this process can take years and the congregation falls short.

The app will make it easier for both sides of the coin to create a union that is God-centered and Spirit-filled in its outcome. To complement the app, Reverend Woodall has created a ten-lesson online course, “A Biblical Guide to Pastoral Research Committee Work” as a free introduction to churches that host his services.

Reverend Woodall is the senior pastor of South Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a graduate of Ball State University (Bachelor of Science), Ball State University Graduate School of Business (Masters of Business Administration) and Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis (Doctor of Jurisprudence).

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