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If you are among the group that claims that its Google Chrome web browser tends to run at higher speed on Apple Mac computer, then you are definitely not mistaken.

Recently, we’ve seen search engine giant Google highlight some pretty interesting findings from its own browsers.

The company says its Chrome browser is more likely to work 20% faster on different Macs. And these results have been verified by tests carried out via a Speedometer benchmark.

Google laid out a few interesting details such as how Chrome browsers that worked on Mac were able to cross the 360 ​​mark on the speedometer during the testing phase.

The news comes just 180 days after the search engine was tagged as the world’s top performing browser of all time after hitting 300 with a bang.

To be more specific, the Mac M1 Macbook Pro was used for testing and it’s safe to say that it did much better than expected. Google also provided graphical representations of the scoreboards and it was obvious how much better Mac’s scores were than others.

The tech giant also revealed how it tends to go the extra mile by allocating its own benchmarks and infrastructure to make the results as accurate as possible.

But if you actually look at it, it’s not necessary as the used 2.0 speedometer is considered a worldwide fan favorite as the best representative when evaluating today’s real-world boating .

We’ve seen him run many test cycles with different apps and see the effect of adding to-do items.

The test ensures that these results are as correct as possible in terms of timing and user-based interactions. It is used to run a number of browser frameworks which can be seen on different websites across the world.

And as Google keeps mentioning, this speedometer is one of the most reliable forms of benchmarking for measuring browser performance when it comes to JavaScript.

Now, in case you’re still wondering how Google managed to achieve such a high score, well, it has to do with a number of small tweaks that are popping up in Chrome. With the big advances seen in the browser, the tech giant says its investments have paid off.

And the biggest proof is a score that shows a significant improvement of 83%. Therefore, it makes sense to understand why the company made waves with this milestone of an achievement.

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