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Opera GX, the browser that calls itself “The Browser for Gamers”, has announced an Opera GX x Logitech G Lightsynch integration that should provide a seamless RGB browsing experience.

Opera GX, the web browser that seeks to give gamers the best browsing experience, has announced an unexpected new update that has absolutely nothing to do with getting the best performance out of your network stack. Instead, this gaming browser is set up to give us the RGB-enhanced browsing experience we didn’t know we needed. A recently announced integration with Logitech Lightsync technology means gamers will be able to use their peripherals and lighting to create a unique browsing experience.

Gamers, using Opera GX and Logitech G gaming gear with Lightsync RGB, can unleash an explosion of color by creating custom lighting effects and animations, which respond dynamically each time they open a tab, receive a message or download a file using Opera GX.

light this up

If you’ve downloaded Opera GX and finished tweaking the performance dials, then you’ll be able to set the RGB out of the game by choosing one of the preset lighting effects or animations. There’s also the option to take it a step further by creating your own custom content in the settings. Custom effects and animations can be imported into the browser with a single click, making opening a new tab, downloading new game content, or activating RAM, CPU, and network limiters a breeze. burst of color. The integration also means that a range of in-browser notifications will also be able to drop a GIF on compatible Logitech devices.

Opera GX includes more than pretty lighting. GX includes CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth limiters that make the browser less resource-intensive and leave more computer resources for gaming. The browser also includes a Hot Tabs Killer feature, which allows users to “kill” the most resource-intensive tabs and GX Cleaner to purge those old junk files. Opera GX launched its own Discord server which now has over 450,000 members. If you’re tired of the old white light and looking for something a little more impressive or boring for your daily social scrolling, grab your G900, plug it in and prepare to be dazzled. Learn more on Opera’s website.

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