Parler app launches web hosting for ‘cancelled’ businesses

No matter where you stand on the political lines, we can all agree that Donald Trump’s presidency has really shaken things up on social media. From Trump receiving a lifetime ban on Twitter to the launch of the “uncensored” social media app, Speak, politically charged content has forever changed the way social media apps handle content.

The folks behind Parler are now going the extra mile to help businesses that fear being “canceled”. On Friday, Parler announced the acquisition of cloud company, Dynascale, in a bid to restructure and provide a cloud-based services platform for businesses that may be banned by major vendors.

Parler CEO George Farmer will lead the new parent company, known as Parliament Technologies, which is already attracting interest from conservative business owners. Parliament Technologies has just closed a fundraising round, totaling approximately $56 million, and will acquire Dynascale’s 50,000 square foot data center in California.

Talking saw overnight success in January 2021, particularly after then-President Trump was banned on Twitter and Facebook for his involvement during Jan. 6.e insurrection. Users flocked to the app, seeking a like-minded community that feared censorship on other outlets. The success quickly came to a halt when Apple and Google removed the app from their app stores in the same month. Subsequently, Amazon terminated hosting services.

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Parler returned to the Apple App Store in April 2021 after agreeing to moderate content and adhere to company standards, but did not return to the Google Play Store until September 2022. It does not no doubt Parler’s woes and competition like Trump’s Truth Social app have contributed to a dwindling user base, with fewer than 7,000 downloads as of August 2022.

Currently, Parliament Technologies hosts Parler and DeepRedSky, which is an NFT marketplace that has become popular with Trump supporters. According to the press release, Parliament Technologies plans to offer a wide range of services, including front-of-house customer viewpoints as well as back-of-house web infrastructure, with an emphasis on freedom to expression.

Although they have purchased their own infrastructure to ensure they stay online, only time will tell if there will be enough business-generated revenue to keep Parliament Technologies afloat.

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