Photoshop for web browser announced at Adobe Max 2021


This year at the Adobe Max conference it was announced that Photoshop is now available for web browsers in beta format. You’ll still need a Creative Cloud membership to use the platform, but that means you’ll be able to edit slightly and collaborate with other people without having to download or launch the full app.

Photoshop is considered the best photo editing software by many photographers, graphic designers, and generally artistic end users. Whether you need to retouch an image, remove an object, or create an artistic collage, the uses for Photoshop are nearly endless. This latest announcement is great news for anyone who needs to use Photoshop on the go with a laptop that doesn’t have the same processing power as their main computer.

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Basic features like layer navigation, selection tools, exposure adjustments, and annotations will be included in the reduced version, but more advanced edits will still need to be done in the desktop version of Photoshop.

“We’re trying something new by introducing a public beta of a new web-based comment sharing workflow in Photoshop, along with a preview of a small set of Photoshop editing features all run on the Web ” says Pam Clark, who is in charge of product management for everything Photoshop related.

“In this beta, you and your collaborators can open and view work in the browser, provide comments, and make basic edits without having to download or launch Photoshop.”

Now that it’s more common for people to work remotely, the ability to share images in the web version of Photoshop will reduce the time spent uploading images and emailing editing suggestions. Collaborators can manage comments and edit permissions with internal and external customers, and you can share documents in a read-only or editable format.

Several other updates were also announced for Photoshop on desktop and iPad. The object selection tool has been significantly improved, so you can now hover over an object and manually select anything that was not automatically included.

It’s also now possible to hide all objects with one click, which is a huge time saver, and new neural filters have been introduced to let you add non-destructive effects and explore new creative ideas. Other new or improved features include a landscape mixer, depth blur effect, transfer and color harmonization.

New Photoshop updates promise to make photo editing easier and faster than ever. Photoshop’s web beta is now available. Just go to your Creative Cloud web account, open your files, select the one you want to edit, and click the “Open in Photoshop on Web Beta” button.

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