Pixlr introduces Photomash Studio, a new web application for entrepreneurs and business owners

Make photo editing and design smarter, faster and easier for everyone

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Singapore, Singapore – (ReleaseWire) – 05/07/2022 – Pixlr (Pixlr Pte Ltd), a well-known developer of design and editing tools, is now introducing its brand new web application for digital entrepreneurs and business owners. company around the world. With the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing, Pixlr is well placed to introduce another highly functional application called Photomash Studio, fully equipped with several editing elements in a single application.

Photomash Studio by Pixlr (https://pixlr.com/photomash/) is developed to produce studio-like high quality images with just one click and its ability to automatically remove background with AI technology makes Photomash stands out even better than other design editions and tools.

Pixlr CEO Ola Sevandersson said, “With our one-click editing feature, start-ups and entrepreneurs don’t need any photo-editing skills because Photomash will provide everything at their fingertips. tomorrow”.

With entrepreneurship in mind, Photomash Studio provides product images for e-commerce and marketplaces to make life easier for all business owners who are short on time. Additionally, users will be able to group up to 50 product images with the same consistent design at once to speed up store/product image creation. Implementing what Pixlr does, Photomash also provides portrait photography and profile pictures for professional or social purposes.

Aligning with the rapid movement of digital marketing in entrepreneurship, Photomash users are now able to browse a wide range of covers for different marketing materials; Ranging from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to podcasts or even e-books. In addition to that, this new web app allows users to easily create Instagram or Facebook stories to promote their business and/or sell items.

Pixlr’s Photomash Studio provides a variety of photo editing essentials in one place to make it convenient for its users, especially business owners and entrepreneurs. With Photomash, users can save more time in preparing their marketing materials and they will be able to organize a thorough marketing plan.

About Pixlr
Pixlr was introduced to make it easy for everyone to create, edit and share images online. Since its acquisition in 2017, Pixlr has been an integral part of the INMAGINE creative ecosystem, which aims to make design easy and accessible to everyone. Pixlr is a freemium platform leveraging AI and machine learning to revolutionize content creation.
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