Play Resident Evil Village demo in your web browser

If you haven’t donated yet Resident Evil Village Suddenly, Capcom has now made its demo available to stream through your web browser without having to download anything. Thanks to the game streaming technology that powers Google’s Stadia console, the 2021 Steam Awards Game of the Year winner has now released an instantly playable demo that you can access via your web browser, smartphone or tablet. .

On computers, it will work on both macOS or Windows as long as you use the Chrome browser, while the latter platforms will have a designated app for Android. Those on iOS devices will have to play it through Safari, but all versions of the streamable demo will hit up to 1080p, although there’s no HDR support.

As expected, there will also be other system requirements for the demo to work properly. Your device of choice will need to support HD video and your internet connection should be stable enough for a download speed of at least 10 Mbps, but most modern machines will be able to handle these requirements without issue. Along with mouse and keyboard support and touch controls, you’ll also be able to connect your Xbox One or PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers. For now, the demo is available in most regions of North America and Germany. ‘Europe.

For those interested, you can consult the Resident Evil Village demo on Capcom’s website.

Elsewhere in the game Responsible for F1 2022 will arrive in August.

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