Play Store for website design finally gets a massive overhaul


It has always been nice that the Play Store is accessible not only from smartphones and tablets, but also from the web. The functional website offers the possibility to install applications remotely, manage payment methods, etc. However, it has been obsolete for ages. ultimately, however, Google is giving the Play Store a web design overhaul.

Apparently deployed now in very limited capacity, this new design for the Google Play Store for the web draws heavily on the design of the mobile app. At first glance, it looks like the Play Store app on Chromebooks, but it’s quite a good call from Google as it leads to consistency across customers.

The updated design retains app previews, the ability to install apps remotely, and support for movies and books alongside apps and games. Large headers and video previews for the games are also clearly apparent, with Minecraft’s list of examples shifting to a darker page that has an autoplay trailer for the game.

There is also a new “Apps” tab that shows top graphics, popular apps, and app filters. Users can filter the apps displayed by device type including phone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, watch, and car.

Thank you Martine!

Unfortunately, we don’t have easy access to this new redesign yet, as it appears to be deployed on a server-side switch. It looks like some regional variations of the Play Store web client managed to activate the new design, but it’s a lottery. Our tipster appears to have managed to secure the client using the Korean Play Store, which can be accessed at Our tiper was also kind enough to provide several additional screenshots showing the search interface, movie listings, etc.

Our Damien Wilde was able to get the design to work on his browser using a VPN. There we can see some of the account management settings. Functionally, it looks like the new design of the web-based Play Store is living up to its previous iteration.

It’s unclear when Google plans to roll out this new design more widely, but we’ll certainly be watching it closely.

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