Project Rousseau, Goldman Sachs and Globant launch web app to support homeless youth in New York

Goldman Sachs and Globant engineers developed the app in partnership with Project Rousseau staff and students to help homeless youth find shelters based on their needs.

NEW YORK, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Project Rousseau, Goldman Sachs and Globant announced the launch of a web-based application to help homeless youth navigate the homeless shelter system in New York City. Through an easy-to-use, anonymous survey, the app organizes a list of shelter recommendations based on individual eligibility and personal need.

More than 100,000 homeless children and young adults live in New York City today, many of whom face repeated challenges finding shelters where they are eligible for admission. The uncertainty of this process can have a profound impact on students in particular, as it can be difficult for them to effectively continue to attend their schools and have a sense of stability. The lack of a streamlined, personalized placement system makes navigating the homeless shelter system difficult and stressful for many young people.

“This app is a phenomenal resource for homeless youth and their service providers to streamline what is otherwise a very complex process during the time when a young person needs it most,” said Andre Heinrich, Founder and Managing Director of the Rousseau Project. “We are very grateful to Goldman Sachs for their thoughtful partnership and leadership in this initiative, and to Goldman Sachs and Globant for their incredible expertise and effort in realizing our vision for this application. tangible on the lives of many young people in New Yorkand hopefully be a model for how technology can be used to streamline access to other services and services for young people outside of New York.”

Project founder Rousseau recognized this shortcoming and partnered with Goldman Sachs Engineering and Globant to provide a solution to help homeless youth navigate the system and increase the uptake rate of services available to them. Goldman Sachs recently raised money for the Rousseau Project at the height of the pandemic to provide students with laptops when school ends for the summer to allow them to continue their education, apply for jobs, etc When the opportunity for Project Rousseau presented itself, Goldman Sachs worked with Globant, one of its strategic partners, to help develop and bring the solution to life.

“Goldman Sachs is committed to giving back and investing in innovative solutions to help uplift our communities. I am thrilled to see our engineers harnessing their technical expertise to support homeless youth in New York City and contribute to the greater good of the community,” said Atte Lahtiranta, Chief Technology Officer at Goldman Sachs.

Designed by a group of volunteer engineers, pro bono engineers from Goldman Sachs and Globant, in partnership with Project Rousseau, the new app provides homeless youth with a personalized list of eligible shelters that best suit their personal needs based on each individual survey response. One of the volunteers is Tahiya Chowdhury, product manager at Goldman Sachs and former student of the Rousseau project. Tahiya arrived at New York City like a child with his family Bangladesh. She excelled in academic and extracurricular activities, serving as a leader and role model for her peers at The Rousseau Project, a graduate of Colombia University, and now gives back to the Rousseau Project community in his role at Goldman Sachs. A number of current Project Rousseau students, including those residing in homeless shelters, have also contributed to the development of the app.

“At Globant, we believe – and we’ve seen it firsthand with our customers – that technology can change the world and improve lives,” said Fernando Matzkincommercial director of North America at Global. “Through this collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Project Rousseau, we have created a digital solution that will revolutionize the daily experiences of homeless youth by New York City facilitating their ability to access essential services that save lives. »

This web application is the first in a series of proposed collaborations between Goldman Sachs, Globant and Project Rousseau to increase the use of social services among low-income communities.

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About the Rousseau Project

Project Rousseau helps young people from the poorest communities reach their full potential and excel in higher education and in the job market. Our students come from families with an average income below $12,000, living well below the poverty line. In addition to financial insecurity, our students often face challenges such as homelessness, hunger, and violence. We take a holistic approach to the education and development of our students because we believe that academic problems rarely have purely academic causes. We achieve this through four programming pillars: comprehensive one-on-one mentorship and support for student needs; academics; Public Service; and Expanding Horizons. Project Rousseau programs have served more than 2,500 students in United States in four towns and two Native American reservations.

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