Quickly list Next-Generation Web Application Firewall on AWS Marketplace

Global cloud platform provider Edge Fastly has announced the availability of its Next-Generation Web Application Firewall as a private listing and public offering on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Adding Fastly to AWS Marketplace allows businesses to quickly and efficiently access its WAF through a unified billing and provisioning process, providing comprehensive protection for rapidly evolving technology stacks.

“As the critical role of web applications and APIs in the global business community continues to escalate in an online world, businesses today face a whole new class of security threats,” says Emily Friedberg, Group Vice President of Global Channel and Partnerships at Fastly.

“Fastly’s listing on AWS Marketplace brings rapid deployment, visibility, and protection so reliable that over 90% of customers are running our WAF in blocking mode, dramatically reducing the endless rule tuning and false positives that interfere with legitimate traffic,” she says. .

“We are excited to work with even more AWS customers to take advantage of Fastlys’ next-generation WAF, recipient of Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice for three consecutive years.

As the Internet has become a global economic and social hub, always-on instant experiences with built-in security and privacy are essential to be competitive in today’s business world. Malicious attacks continue to evolve, from account takeover to API abuse to web application business logic attacks and more.

Fastly’s next-generation WAF can give organizations security they can actually use, keeping websites secure while helping detect threats before they impact business or bottom line.

As part of this listing, Fastly has engaged with Presidio as an actor in the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) program to resell Fastly’s Next Generation WAF. Presidio customers will benefit from powerful, easy-to-use solutions with the addition of Fastly to the AWS Marketplaces CPPO program.

“Securing critical digital assets is absolutely essential,” said Chris Cagnazzi, senior vice president at Presidio.

“Offering Fastly’s next-generation WAF to our customers through AWS Marketplace helps us continue to enable our customers to build resilience and visibility into their websites and applications for highly effective protection,” he said. .

“Fastly’s listing allows customers to have more flexibility in their choices of high-performance, security-focused technologies within AWS Marketplace,” added Mona Chadha, director of AWS Marketplace Category Management at AWS.

“Presidio, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and early adopter of AWS Marketplace, is using the Consulting Partner Private Offers Program to extend easy access to Fastly’s next-generation WAF to our customers around the world as invest in resilient, secure and fast digital experiences. ,” she says.

“In addition to the next-generation WAF, we anticipate that customers will be able to access Fastly’s modern content delivery services through AWS Marketplace.”

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