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WELLINGTON, New Zealand, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RedShield today announced that AT&T Cybersecurity, a leading global provider of managed security services, has added RedShield’s web application shielding to its popular Managed Vulnerability Program (MVP). Leveraging RedShield’s unique technology, AT&T Cybersecurity can now quickly remove the risk of vulnerabilities in their customers’ web applications, without touching the underlying application code.

Delivered as a fully managed service, Web Application Shielding mitigates exploitable vulnerabilities in applications with software objects called Shields. Shields can be programmed to transform app content, track app and session state, detect illegal entry or exit, illegal client side content changes.

Within these capabilities, web application shielding can mitigate most web penetration test scores or known vulnerabilities, including complex business logic flaws. All of this is done without modifying the code of the underlying application. This allows shields to work for any app, including third-party apps, frameworks, and hosting platforms.

Key Benefits shielding web applications:

  • Ensures that applications and APIs are quickly protected from exploitation of application vulnerabilities.
  • Let security and development teams breathe by allowing them to fix vulnerabilities or rewrite application code without time constraints.
  • Immediately improves the assessment of cybersecurity posture as reported by publicly available assessment tools and services.

“Keeping up to date with routine software patches remains one of the most difficult but important areas of work for cyber defenders in 2021,” said Fabian Partigliani, CEO of RedShield. “AT&T Cybersecurity has responded to this market need by adding web application protection to its esteemed Managed Vulnerability Program, providing customers with an additional layer of security and the peace of mind that unpatched vulnerabilities are no longer a business. . risk.”

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RedShield is an enterprise web application security solution. The company’s core product is a fully managed web application vulnerability mitigation service, which enables you to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and accelerate time to market by removing vulnerabilities that cybercriminals seek to exploit. . Founded in New Zealand, owned and operated by an experienced team of penetration testers and security technologists, we are known for tackling security challenges that no one else will.

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