Ridge Security Improves Web Application Testing in RidgeBot 3.5

Ridge Security announces enhanced and new features in RidgeBot, the automated penetration testing platform.

RidgeBot 3.5 features an expanded plug-in set that closes critical security gaps in customers’ infrastructure, support for seamless third-party integration, and continued global expansion in its partner ecosystem. Additionally, with its advanced host server penetration testing capabilities, RidgeBot is firmly positioned as the most comprehensive automated penetration testing tool covering network, host, and web applications.

Cyber ​​threats continue to rise in devastating numbers, and cybercriminals spare no organization, from large organizations, small businesses to MSP supply chains. Today’s hackers won’t stop exploiting the ever-expanding attack surface of today’s IT infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge. Every business must be able to manage today’s threat landscape.

“One of the most powerful strategies a business of any size can implement is vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT),” said Lydia Zhang, president and co-founder of Ridge Security. “RidgeBot is the most comprehensive automated VAPT platform available on the market. It helps our customers achieve security resiliency across all three aspects of IT infrastructure: networks, hosts, and web applications. Thanks to our continuous software improvements, RidgeBot achieves excellence in every aspect compared to the best standalone tools on the market.

RidgeBot software version 3.5 offers these additional benefits:

  • Improved web application testing with the introduction of over 40 generic web analysis/exploitation plugins. Internal tests conducted against close competitors have shown superior results for RidgeBot.
  • Integration with third-party software is now transparent thanks to the standard OpenAPI format, allowing RidgeBot to easily integrate with SIEM, SoC or any other software that follows the same standard.
  • Continuous expansion in global markets, as well as support for new languages ​​in the report, include Spanish and Korean. Ridge Security is committed to supporting the global market, with an additional language plan on the roadmap.

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