Safari may no longer be the second most used web browser

Apple’s Safari may never have been able to beat Google’s Chrome browser, but it was the second most used for some time. However, recent data suggests that it may soon lose its place in the rankings.

Data shows that Safari is used by 9.84% of users, followed by Microsoft Edge with 9.54% of desktop users. Firefox had only 8.1% users, but has recently started gaining users rapidly in the market, with 9.18% users. Google Chrome still dominates with 65.38% of users in the market.

Until January 2021, Apple Safari had 10.38% of users surfing the web with this browser, according to Stat Counter. Safari is the only browser available only on macOS, compared to other browsers that can be installed on Mac and Windows.

9to5Mac reviewers believe that Safari’s unpopularity with users may be due to their recent update where the address bar was unified with the top bar. After an outcry among users, Apple was forced to revert to its old design.

However, it seems that users still have enough reasons to switch browsers. Another fact pointed out by the critic is the time it takes for Apple to update its apps with security patches and new features. Safari will need to be updated with new and improved features to win back its users and secure its position as the second most used browser at all times.

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