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Apple Watch has access to a web browser, but the company doesn’t tell you how to find it or the three ways to start surfing from your wrist.

A less known Apple watch feature allows you to surf the web and even use search engines. Despite being so small, Apple’s laptop is powerful enough to include a web browser, although it is not directly accessible as a separate application. While reading on such a small screen isn’t exactly ideal, it can be very handy when you’re wearing an Apple Watch with cellular capability and the iPhone isn’t as easily accessible.

The Apple Watch is a very capable smartwatch and although an iPhone is required to set it up the first time, many of the watch features can be used separately. If you are using a cellular model, it is possible to make calls, send texts, and receive notifications, even if the paired iPhone is left behind. It makes running, cycling and swimming more enjoyable and eliminates the need for the user to keep track of their iPhone.


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Apple made a small web browser for the Apple Watch, but it can’t be found in the apps list. Instead, it pops up when needed if a link is being tapped. There are at least three easy ways to open hidden Apple Watch browser, using Siri, Messages, and Mail. The trick is to make a link appear on the screen. After a Siri search, a list of web results will be displayed and tapping any of the links in the list will open the browser. In some cases, the browser defaults to Reader mode. If this happens, touching the website address at the top, then “Web View” will show the page more as it appears on the iPhone. The Back, Next, and Reload buttons are also revealed by tapping on the address bar.

More Ways to Open Apple Watch Browser

Apple Watch Siri

There are a few third-party browser apps out there, but the selection is limited and some aren’t highly rated. Although the built-in browser is one-step, it will probably be the most reliable solution and can take advantage of features that third-party developers might not have access to. Tapping a link from an email or message also opens the page in the Apple Watch browser. A bundle of links can be sent to serve as landing pages, like Bing, DuckDuckGo, or other search engines. The Google search engine does not work because the button that initiates the search is replaced with an “X” to clear the text if you wish and there is no way to continue after entering the keywords. It is also possible to type a link directly on the watch using Messages and after sending it can be opened.

Apple might have kept the browser as an indirect app due to the lack of an on-screen keyboard on the Apple Watch in the first seven models. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the first to include a keyboard and also has a significantly larger screen. It’s unclear if this will prompt Apple to make its browser more easily accessible as a separate app in the future. For now, Apple Watch’s hidden web browser can be opened through Siri, Messages, and Mail.

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