Tesla aren’t the only cars with a web browser


by Tesla cars include a web browser, and it was a somewhat exclusive feature, but now another manufacturer has stepped up to offer this internet necessity in one of its Vehicles also. Of course, anyone can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop in the car, so this is not a unique ability. With large touch screens becoming more and more common in vehicles, this could be a trend that will spread to more car manufacturers in the future.

Tesla cars are very high-tech in the automotive world, even allowing OTA (over-the-air) updates to the software so that new features can be added. A Chromium-based web browser is included in Tesla’s computer software and accessed from the touchscreen. Chromium is the open source code on which Google’s Chrome browser is built. While there are hacks and workarounds to install web browsers on Apple Car Play and Android Automotive, it is usually not possible with these systems.


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Vivaldi recently announced that their web browser is now available for Android Automobile and works with Volvo subsidiary’s Polestar electric car, the Polestar 2. Vivaldi said Polestar 2 owners can install the app by visiting the Google Play Store and downloading the application for Polestar. The tabs will automatically sync between the vehicle and the Vivaldi Navigator being used on any smartphone or computer, making it a great way to continue browsing when you go from car to phone or computer. While Tesla’s Navigator allows use while driving, potentially distracting the driver, Vivaldi’s implementation for the Polestar 2 will continue to play audio but does not allow use of the Navigator when the car is moving.

What is the Vivaldi browser?

Vivaldi browser on Polestar 2 Android Automotive touchscreen

Vivaldi is another Chromium-based browser and, like Chrome, adds to this solid core of functionality with speed improvements, better privacy controls, and a wide variety of user interface changes. Vivaldi was fair released for Android Automobile for the Polestar 2, but it has been available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android for several years.

Vivaldi is a pretty exciting variant of Chromium, allowing full customization of almost every aspect of the browser. There is a huge number of possible settings to the way tabs appear and behave, as well as variations in the overall appearance of the browser window, including changing whether the corners are rounded or sharp. Plus, notes, translations, and screenshot tools are built into the browser, making it a competent research tool. All of these features are available in the Android Automotive app for the Polestar 2, a more customizable experience than by Tesla.

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Source: Vivaldi, Vivaldi / Play Store

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