The Oculus Quest web browser just got a huge upgrade

Oculus Quest’s web browser can now be made huge, and each tab or 2D app can be resized and rearranged from tiny to jumbo to better fit the website.

the Oculus Quest The web browser just got a massive upgrade both figuratively and literally, and it makes browsing the web in virtual reality more interesting. Since launch, the Quest has had a browser, but it wasn’t the groundbreaking experience users might expect from a VR device. Instead, it looked a bit like a tablet hovering in the air above the home view.

When using a VR headset, the internet always looks and behaves the same, with the rare exception of XR content and three-dimensional videos which may or may not display correctly, as standards have not been fully implemented. implemented on all devices. The most popular VR headsets are based on smartphone technology, but allow for a wider virtual view, resulting in websites that look much the same as when viewed on an Android tablet. There are exceptions, of course, and more expensive systems that connect to a PC have more options.


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Meta, the owner of Oculus, is rolling out an update to the Quest headset that allows browser windows to be resized on a massive scale. Where the Browser once seemed like a huge tablet, now it can look like a wall-sized TV. It is also possible to scale down so that the window is much smaller, making tall thin strips or wide screens work best with 16 by 9 video. This is not an upgrade. system update, appearing instead when opening the browser. If the new version is available, a request window will appear informing the user and warning them that opening the browser before the update is complete will cancel it. It’s a small download, and the wait isn’t long. The update was discovered and shared in a Tweet by Joseph Simpson.

How to Resize Quest Browser and Application Windows

Resizable Windows of Meta Oculus Quest Web Browser

Resizing the browser window will work even when multiple tabs are open and with up to three side-by-side windows. Previously, there were only three choices for window size, and the controls were in the top right. With the new update, just point a controller at the upper right corner of a window and press either trigger to grab and resize, and the other windows adjust their positions to stay attached to the edge. As before, users can rearrange windows by holding the title bar at the bottom and dragging it to a new position.

It’s not just the browser that gets the new resizing options. Two-dimensional apps like Facebook and Instagram can be opened alongside browser windows and scaled with the same method. So it’s easy, for example, to have a tall and thin in-browser Twitter feed, a larger Facebook feed and a medium Instagram or any combination and size of social media apps and websites at the preferred size , filling the view. A Messenger window in VR can even be opened on these, making the Oculus Quest headset a much more powerful navigation option.

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Source: Joseph Simpson/Twitter

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