The only secure web browser backed by continuous identity verification

SessionGuardian Browser further secures remote teams by using Continuous Identity Verification technology that provides second-by-second user authentication to display data only when the authorized user is present, providing ultimate security for remote workers .

Other SessionGuardian Browser features include a seamless one-step installation process and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the browser does not require a connection to a virtual environment and will not reduce the speed or performance of your computer.

“With the launch of SessionGuardian Browser, we continue to expand our world-class product offerings. Adding Browser to our portfolio will benefit not only remote teams, but also businesses looking to offer security-conscious customers a data theft protection in this ‘access everywhere’, secure everyone’, says Jordan Ellingtonfounder and CEO of SessionGuardian.

SessionGuardian Browser joins the company’s first product, SessionGuardian Enterprise, which secures critical organizational assets and sets a new standard in data protection.

To visit to learn more about the new trend of continuous identity verification.

About SessionGuardian

SessionGuardian’s cybersecurity software protects critical assets against data theft in a world where data and documents are accessible from anywhere, and not necessarily secure everywhere. SessionGuardian pioneered the development of continuous identity verification technology and offers a preventative, zero-trust approach to cybersecurity.


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