The Vivaldi web browser

Developed specifically for Polestar 2 by the Vivaldi team in Norway, the Vivaldi web browser is the first browser available for Android Automotive OS. The full-featured web browser offers extensive browser functionality with tabbed browsing, streaming capability, online shopping and industry-leading security measures, right from the driver’s seat*.

Built around flexibility, the app includes a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection, privacy-friendly translation tool, notes feature, and encrypted sync feature.

“It’s great that we can fulfill our community’s desire for a browser with Vivaldi as a Christmas present,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “Now there’s a whole new world of web content you can explore in Polestar 2, even some of your favorite streaming platforms.”

The launch of the app continues our constant improvement and streamlining of the Polestar experience and follows the performance software upgrade released for Polestar 2 at the end of November via an OTA update.

Vivaldi Browser is available as a free download as an app in the Google Play Store in all European, North American and select Asia-Pacific markets**.

We’re leading a cutting-edge infotainment movement, determined to bring our customers a new era of infotainment. And no one need be a fan of 18th century Baroque composers to appreciate the technical gem that the Vivaldi team has designed.

*Some restrictions may apply. For example, files cannot be downloaded and the browser can only be used when parked. To ensure safety, streaming content will continue with audio only if driving begins.

**Not for China or South Korea.

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