Vivaldi 4.1 web browser brings new command strings


The development team responsible for creating the great Vivaldi web browser today announced the release of a new update in the form of Vivaldi 4.1, bringing a number of new features to users, including accordion tabs and command strings.

The new command string feature allows you to open multiple websites and automatically add them to a tiled view (split screen) with a single command. Vivaldi 4.1 also allows users to choose from over 200 browser commands to create custom shortcuts, workflows, and browser modes, for example, toggle between Full Screen and Reader modes, making it easier to focus. and removing unwanted clutter from web pages when surfing for business or pleasure.

“The stacks of Vivaldi browser tabs are fan favorites, as are the endless customization options. Now Vivaldi is adding a new one. Users can choose from three different tab stack styles: compact, two-tier, or (all new in this update) accordion. Accordion tabs, which allow users to expand and collapse a stack of tabs with one click, add a new dimension to our comprehensive tab management. The feature can be enabled in Settings → Tabs. To keep accordions open, the arrow button can be used. For full control, automatic expansion can be disabled in the settings. “

Vivaldi browser command strings

“In Vivaldi Browser 4.1, multiple actions can now be performed in an efficient and rapid sequence. A custom sequence of commands – Command Strings – can be triggered with the touch of a button. Users can choose from over 200 browser commands to create custom shortcuts, workflows, and browser modes that improve productivity and speed. For example, switch between Full Screen and Reader modes to maximize user focus and the reading experience.

“Channels can be created by clicking on the plus icon in the Vivaldi browser. Users simply select a set of “actions” such as open new tab, new url in new tab, set periodic reload of that tab. They then assign a name to their custom channel and add commands to it. Once done, they can write the channel name in the quick commands and it issues all the chained commands. Users can create as many command strings as they want.

For more information on all the new features in the latest Vivaldi browser and how to use them, head over to the official Vivaldi blog by following the link below.

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