Vivaldi Introduces ‘Two-Tier Tab Stacks’ on Android Web Browser

The Internet is no longer a series of plain text pages. Websites and web applications These days contain different types of content including images, videos, infographics and podcasts etc. This can have a significant impact on your browsing experience, especially when browsing on a mobile device. To help you surf the web better and manage your tabs efficiently, Vivaldi has introduced two-tier tab stacks for the Android mobile web browser.

The latest update of Vivaldi web browser brings an exciting tab management tool that allows two levels of tab bars on the Android mobile web browser. It is the first mobile web browser that allows users to manage their tabs with an innovative two-tier tab stack.

What exactly are two-tier tab stacks?
The two-tier tab stack system allows mobile users to browse the web more comfortably by creating large tab groups. It displays two rows of tabs at the top of the browser so that a user can easily manage the commonly used tabs for daily use.

Vivaldi Dual Tier Tab Stacks for Android Mobile is a new tab management solution that no other mobile browser offers. The second stack of tabs can be used to separate open tabs based on their priority. The best thing about this feature is that you can turn the second stack of tabs on or off at any time.

Benefits of Vivaldi’s Two-Tier Tab Stacks for Android Mobile
Two-tier tab stacks allow the user to group together a set of commonly used or related tabs for easier access. They can then browse open tabs in stacks instead of creating individual tabs. Users can easily create a stack of tabs by dragging tabs on top of each other.

In the latest update from Vivaldi, users also get plenty of interface features to customize the look of the browser and tabs to enjoy a seamless browsing experience without feeling overwhelmed by so many open tabs. This helps users to configure the tabs of the two tab bars to be smaller or larger to intelligently consume the space available on the tab bar.

In the tab management function, a user can also manage how the tabs will appear on the screen.

The latest browser update allows users to disable the cross “X” button not only to manage the appearance of tabs, but also to close the current tab instead of the others. It also saves a lot of space for the other tabs. Besides, tabs can also be reduced to favicon size which allows you to open and view more tabs in a convenient way.

In the new version of Vivaldi browser, new designs and dynamics are added by experts to help users manage space on different mobile devices like tablet PCs or smartphones. New side panels are also added to show different details like downloads, bookmarks or search history.

In addition, you can also manage the choice of the location of the tab bars (at the top or bottom of the browser).

If you want to take advantage of all the new mobile browsing features, you just need to update your Vivaldi browser to version 5.0 or downgrade to the latest version of Vivaldi from the old browser.

Other features and options of Vivaldi
Vivaldi 5.0 brings a plethora of advanced navigation features and options to provide mobile users with an excellent and improved browsing experience.

Support for Android Tablet PCs has also been improved in this updated version.

Just like desktop users, tablet PC users can also activate various panels and sidebars on the browser which provide instant access to functions and options like search history, downloads, bookmarks and notes etc. .

The Notes section allows users to save notes in the browser for instant access while browsing the web.

Additionally, users can turn dark mode on or off for specific pages. This quickly activates dark mode for the selected pages in order to browse them efficiently at night.

To enable or disable this feature, just go to Settings >> Theme >> Dark mode for webpages and you will be able to enable dark theme for selected pages or tabs.

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