Web Application Firewall Service (WAF) for website security and


AIONCLOUD is a subsidiary of MONITORAPP, which was established in 2005 as a cybersecurity device company. As cloud computing becomes more and more mainstream, MONITORAPP has sought to offer a range of cybersecurity services. AIONCLOUD was born in 2015. Since then, AIONCLOUD has introduced website protection services and secure internet access services.

Through the efforts of the determined R&D team, AIONCLOUD is now proud to announce that it provides a full network security service on its SASE platform so that customers can enjoy a full range of services with one solution. zero trust network. The traditional security perimeter no longer exists; AIONCLOUD redefines the options of application security solution.

AIONCLOUD will continue to search for a more advanced website protection solution in line with advancements in information and communication technologies to bring people closer to cybersecurity. The value of cybersecurity extends beyond country borders and AIONCLOUD’s goal is to provide a secure cyber world for the entire world. He is committed to providing the best and most secure cybersecurity services in the world. With cutting edge technology and global partner networks, AIONCLOUD is committed to providing the best cybersecurity solutions with global coverage.
AIONCLOUD provides an easy to access and easy to use solution. Cyber ​​security is no longer an option but a necessity.

AIONCLOUD’s corporate mission is to continue contributing to the advancement of information and communication technologies with a cybersecurity solution to bring people together for a better world. AIONCLOUD’s global partners are a vital part of this mission.

AIONCLOUD Web Application Firewall Service (WAF)
It is a powerful and free WAF service that does not require hardware / software installation, maintenance, licensing, and is easy to install and configure through the SECaaS platform.

Block various web attacks
Block abnormal access
Block personal data leaks
 Web performance optimization
Free up to 5 GB / month

AIONCLOUD Web Malware Scanner (WMS)
WMS service is the diagnostic service to extract malware from website to visit website regularly and diagnose malware infection for fast and early response and minimal damage. WMS performs multilevel analysis with a static and dynamic analysis engine.

Detect malicious URLs
 Visit and automatic diagnosis of the website
Diagnose whether the website is being exploited as a propagation point or passage point for malware.
 Malware Reports & Alert

AIONCLOUD Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
SWG is a fully secure web gateway solution for filtering web and URLs and deploys in minutes and is easy to use. It is always on security that he follows the user of the service regardless of his location.

URL filtering
 Malicious URL detection
 Prevent the leakage of personal and confidential information
Full SSL traffic inspection
Transferring traffic to the cloud


AIONCLOUD is a subsidiary of MONITORAPP, which was established in 2005 as a cybersecurity device company.

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