Web Browser Tabs, Why Should You Use It?

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Tabs are an integral part of the web browsing experience. Recently, a new feature called “Tab Groups” has been adopted by almost all major browsers. If you’re not using tab groups, you should.

The concept behind tab groups is pretty straightforward. It allows you to combine multiple tabs into groups which can be labeled and moved together.

Tab groups are available in Google Chrome on desktops and Android, as well as in Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. The functionality works pretty much the same on all platforms.

Keep everything in one window

Before the Tab Group feature came along, the easiest way to group multiple tabs was to place them in a separate browser window. The downside is you might end up with a bunch of windows open, which doesn’t help with clutter, according to HowtoGeek.

Tab groups allow you to keep all your tabs in one window, while creating partitions for different things. You don’t need to remember which window contains your tabs for a specific project. Everything is in one place with colors and labels for easy searching.

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Also, if you want to split the tabs into their own window, placing them in a tab group means you can grab all the tabs at once. It’s the best of both worlds, according to Wired.

Visual organization

As mentioned above, tab groups can be labeled and color coded. If you keep a lot of tabs open all the time, these labels can make a huge difference in how you view browser tabs, depending on Automotive workshop solutions.

The more tabs you have open, the smaller they are and the less information you can see. However, if you use tab group labels, you will always know that the red group is the project you are working on, while the green group is Christmas gift shopping.

Simply put, the website favicon and page title don’t always convey a picture of what you’re doing. The labels and colors of the tab groups are a much better way to see what’s going on.

Save tabs for later

One of the reasons people tend to end up with tons of tabs open is that they are afraid of losing something. You think “I might still need this tab, so I’ll leave it open.” It’s digital hoarding.

One cool feature of tab groups is the ability to collapse all tabs in the group into a single tab. So if you constantly find yourself with a million tabs at the top of your browser, you can clean things up by collapsing groups.

If your device can handle it, you might have dozens of tabs open, but only a few labels at the top of the screen. Now you don’t have to feel so bad that you can’t let go of all those tabs you might need again.

A place for everything and everything in its place

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the moral of the story here is organization. Without tab groups, your browser tabs are kind of a wild mess.

You click on a link and the page opens at the end of the tab list, nothing is tidy and you can forget what you have opened.

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